Sirfelix' Chrono Trigger Tv Review

Rated: 10

Let's start with a rhetorical question; How cool is Chrono Trigger?!! It's a game I keep coming back and playing time and time again.

The battle system is original, featuring ATB gauges like those in Final Fantasy. Each character in the game is unique, they have their own techniques and own magic to master. By combining their abilities they are able to perform combos causing devastating damage; some are quite clever like the frog swordsman who uses his sword as a lightning rod for Chrono's lightning magic. There are no 'random' battles in this game, rather you can see enemies as you travel and if you get too close you will enter a battle with them where they stand.

Chrono Trigger has very high replay value, I have played the game at least 10 times through over the course of my life.

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Sirfelix' Final Fantasy X Tv Review

Rated: 9

This is a game you do not want to stop playing. The plot is compelling with plenty of comedy, action and romance. The battle system is like in most Final Fantasy's, a new innovation. In this game there is no battle gauge instead a list of who acts next is used and changes according to certain actions taken (eg. using haste moves a character up the list and gives them more turns more often). The levelling up system is not new but different in that you level up a particular stat, but you do so by moving each character around a large grid, with each character starting in their own area of the grid (eg. Firaga in Lulu's Black Mage area of the grid). I would advise anyone to make Kimahri follow a fighter path, he can be either Mage or Fighter but I found he was a fairly useless mage.

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